2 ladies talk about their breast reconstruction

Local Women Count Their Blessings 

Shock at News that just 21% of Women 

Receive Breast Reconstruction Following Mastectomy 

Birmingham �� 24th August, 2011 �� Two local women are counting their blessings at having been offered breast reconstruction at the time of mastectomy, as news emerges that just 21 per cent of women receive this.  Debra Wood, 47 and Glenys Poxton, 58 �� both from Rushall, are delighted after having breast reconstruction using their own tissues, rather than implant based, and believe it is every woman��s right to have the opportunity of a reconstruction after going through an ordeal like breast cancer.   Both women were treated at Spire Little Aston Hospital by leading consultant plastic surgeon CC Kat.  Mrs Kat believes that better collaboration between the NHS and private sector could dramatically increase the uptake figures.


Says Debra �� a married mother-of-one: 


��When I was diagnosed with breast cancer after finding a suspicious lump in 2008, although the diagnosis wasn��t as straightforward as it could have been, the treatment I received in terms of being offered a choice of reconstruction and where to have treatment was faultless.  I chose Spire Little Aston Hospital because it was conveniently local to my home, but also because Mrs Kat has a great reputation in the area of breast reconstruction.  I believe I was so lucky to have her and the hospital facilities available to me.  


��I��m delighted with the results.  To have a breast reconstruction from my own tissues, that moves and feels like a real breast, and the after treatment such as nipple reconstruction and tattooing was great and has given me back what the cancer took away.  To be offered this at the time of mastectomy as well was so much more beneficial to me psychologically.��


Glenys Poxton��s breast cancer was discovered early from a mammogram in December 2009.  The married mother-of-three added:


��CC Kat��s name came up so many times when I was speaking to different people about breast surgery �� and I knew it was her I wanted to carry our my reconstruction.  I��m absolutely thrilled with the fantastic job she��s done and I tell everyone I know about her and my new breast!  Had I not received this operation or level of care I think it would have been very damaging to me emotionally.��


Guidance issued by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) in 2002, and reiterated in 2009, states that all women should be offered breast reconstruction following mastectomy as part of the aim to treat the whole woman rather than just the cancer.  Breast cancer is rising sharply with almost 48,000 new cases diagnosed each year, and around four in 10 women diagnosed have a mastectomy.


CC Kat, consultant plastic surgeon at Spire Little Aston Hospital, says:


��Debra and Glenys are both delighted that they can now continue their lives as normal and put the breast cancer behind them. Having the breast reconstruction has played an important role in this. However they are the lucky ones as the latest NHS figures reports that only about 21% of women having a a mastectomy underwent breast reconstruction.�� 


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