Beating the Winter Blues with CBT

Christmas and the New Year can be a difficult time for some especially those suffering from conditions such as depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety are clinical conditions, which affect many people either directly or indirectly during their lifetimes. Roughly 10% of the UK population may suffer from clinical depression at some point, whilst up to 20% can be prone to anxiety. If we start including issues around confidence and self-esteem - which don't quite amount to clinical diagnosis - the incidents of these often debilitating symptoms become even more common.

I have observed that a significant percentage of my patients are taking anti-anxiety or antidepressant medications. To be sure, unhappiness about our physical appearance can impact on our happiness and confidence. The majority of my patients who have aesthetic treatments are generally happy in themselves. The treatments merely enhance their confidence and sense of well being.

But for those who are unhappy because of depression or other emotional problems, improving their physical appearance alone isn't enough. While looking good is important and improving one's appearance can be part of a plan to take charge of our lives and feel better again, I must reiterate that it forms only part of a recovery plan. The role of proper recognition, diagnosis, and treatment of emotional disorders cannot be over-emphasized, particularly at this time of year.

After careful consideration, I have made an unorthodox decision to make Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) available within my aesthetic clinic. My aims are two-fold: to raise awareness and to offer an alternative resource for the treatment of depression, anxieties, and self-esteem issues. I hope that some patients would be prompted to reflect on his or her wider needs by our notices offering CBT, and hopefully take a further step and talk to someone about it.

CBT is a proven and recognised treatment for mild to moderate depression, anxiety, and self-esteem difficulties. For further information please contact 0121 456 7930 or email - don��t suffer in silence.

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