Before you consider cheaper overseas plastic surgery

Hello and welcome to my new blog. As leading Consultant plastic surgeon for the Birmingham and the UK, my aim is to educate and inspire patients considering cosmetic surgery treatment in 2010.

My first post is based around an interesting and ongoing issue �� that of cheaper overseas plastic surgery treatments.

I feel that this hot topic needs a critical eye and objective discussion for patients looking to make cash savings by electing to undergo plastic surgery abroad.

The issues of botched treatments has been discussed for some time now in the British press �� as far back as 2008 in this Telegraph report where a significant cost has been incurred by the NHS to rectify negative side-effects on treatments carried out abroad.

Patient distress is, of course, something no plastic surgeon wants to see, given that going under the knife can be an emotional experience at the best of times.

Findings from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) found that cosmetic surgeons have noted an increase in repair work from botched jobs �� which included tissue loss, stitches not being removed, and severe wound infections.

The surgeons surveyed by BAAPS recorded themost number of cases coming from countries including Poland, Belgium and South Africa.

Whilst some critics have pointed out that in these countries the regulation of surgery safety is higher than in the UK, the burden of botched surgery has still been placed on British surgeons and the NHS.

It is, therefore, always worth considering before undertaking overseas plastic surgery whether the cheaper costs are in fact a potential risk in the longer-term. Weigh up the options, do your research and if in doubt, contact us here for an informal chat about the facts.

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