BODY 2011 Conference, London - New technologies and Updates

BODY conference, London, is the largest UK congress devoted to the rapidly expanding non-surgical and surgical BODY Aesthetics sector of the cosmetic market. It provides the highest quality national and international speakers in their repective fields of scientific interest to update clinicians' clinical knowledge and new technologies.

I was privileged to be invited to talk on my technique of lipoabdominoplasty - the KatTuck. An interview should be out on youtube sometime so look out for it.

Over the past 2 days, I have enjoyed and learnt a lot from the sharing of knowledge and new technologies. These were the key talks that impressed me :

  1. Professor Marco Gasparotti, Italy, is a world famous plastic surgeon who pioneered the concept of superficial liposculpture. He has treated the rich and famous as well as royalty. After 30 years of using the conventional liposuction technique and all the new laser, ultrasound, radiofrequency etc technologies, he still prefers the good old fashioned liposuction technique as it gives him the flexibility and safety of sculpting the body. "It is not the tool, but the monkey behind the tool that makes the difference", he famously says.
  2. Chris Inglefield, Plastic Surgeon, London. Despite the few adverse reports about Macrolane, Mr Inglefield continues to demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of this technique for breast enhancement and buttock enhancement
  3. Dr Kate Goldie, Cosmetic Doctor, demonstating the effectiveness of the filler Radiesse for hand rejuvenation
  4. Dr Shlomit Halachmi, Consultant Dermatologist, Israel and USA, talks about a new skin lightening technology. This is based on a naturally occurring enzyme lignin perioxidase derived from a tree fungus. The enzyme works by directly depigmenting melanin(particles that colour the skin) in the skin. The compound showed visible effects within 1 week, with a peak at 4 weeks. The patient satisfaction rate was over 90% excellent or good at 4 weeks. This will be launched in the UK as Elure by the end of November and can only be prescribed through clinics. Look out for this on our website.
  5. Dr Daniel Sister, Consultant in Anti-Aging Medicine, Paris, shared his positive experience of using platelet rich plasma(PRP) for scars and stretchmarks. This is a FDA( U.S. Food and Drug Administration) approved technology that has been used for some years and starting to find applications in Aesthetics. I hope to include this in my repertoire of treatment choices in the future.
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