Breast Enlargement

The breast is the most important external sign of a woman's femininity. Having a full and pert breast symbolizes youthfulness and womanliness. This explains why breast enlargement is the commonest cosmetic surgical procedure in the UK as well as the rest of the World.When considering breast enlargement, it is important to choose a surgeon who can assess your individual build, requirements and personal desires. Based on these parameters and an artistic eye, the surgeon should then be able to advise you on the specific shape and size of implant to suit you.CC Kat uses only the best performance Allergan and Nagor implants. The implants are available in both the round and anatomical (teardrop) shape with 4 different projections (low, moderate, full, extra-full) to suit a variety of patient frame and desires. You are individually measured for chest width, height and skin laxity so that the shape and volume of implant is specifically chosen to best fit your frame and your personal preference.Since 2010, CC Kat has started using the polyurethane coated implants from both the Brazillian Silimed as well the German Polytech company. There is increasing evidence of reduced capsular contracture and implant rotation rates with these implants. The comprehensive range of implant shapes also means that an implant can be chosen to fita patient optimally.The 3 implant companies offer an automatic enrolment into the implant lifetime warranty against rupture. Mrs Kat offers a free follow-up at 3 months and up to a year post-surgery.Please follow this link to the Breast Enlargement procedure page. Additional information about the implants can be found through these links.Mrs Kat has never used the PIP implants either in cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. These French implants ( but also distributed under different names in various European and Asian countries) were found to have a non-medical grade silicone gel not meant for placement in the human body. They also had a proven higher rupture rate. These cheap implants were used largely by the cosmetic clinic chains and various clinics around the world that attracted cosmetic tourism.

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