C.S. Lichfield

Calf implants

For as long as I can remember my legs were awful. No matter how much I exercised, my calves would not grow. At school I was taunted and in childhood photographs my legs were awful. I became really fat but my calves looked barely a reasonable size and people would comment I had skinny legs. I plucked up the courage and saw Mrs Kat who was so kind and understanding. I am 62 years old and she put me at ease. I read the information leaflet and went ahead. I was still embarrassed so I told people I was having varicose veins removed as it works on the same theory from behind the knee. The only thing I can say about the pain is it was a little more than I expected but worth every second as it goes quickly after 2 weeks.  That was 6 months ago. I had a wonderful Summer and for the first time could wear a swimming costume and short skirts without feeling bad. Everyone says I have lovely legs as I have now slimmed down also, but they do not know it is all thanks to Mrs Kat. Thank you Mrs Kat for giving me a life. It has been so wonderful and I am sure I will be back for more now. I just can't stop looking at my legs - it's amazing.

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