Developments in breast implant coating��an important step backwards.

There has been a recent increase in the use of micropolyurethane coated silicone implants. These are exactly the same as the commonly used silicone gel implants with a silicone shell but has an extra coating of micropolyurethane foam over the shell. These were very popular in the 1970��s but were taken off the market when one of its breakdown products was thought to be carcinogenic. It has since been reintroduced into the market in some countries including the UK.

With recent advancements, and more information coming from organisations such as the�Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)regarding the minimal cancer risk, I personally am very pleased to see the re-introduction for patients of these implants.��The published data shows a capsular contracture rate of as low as 1% over an 18 year period compared to that of silicone alone implants which has been shown by an American multicentre study to be as high as 15% after 7 years. Another advantage of the micropolyurethane coating is the fact that rotation in teardrop shape implants is virtually zero.

My opinion is that it has a definite place in patients with recurrent capsular contractures and also in primary breast implant patients as long as the patients have the relevant information and understands the statistically insignificant risk of association with cancer. As the data for this implant continues to be published, it may well be the norm in the future.

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