E.T. Cheltenham

It is the 1st year anniversary of my operation. From the 1st meeting with Mrs Kat I knew I was making the right choice and never felt nervous. Her confidence and calmness transfers over in the consultation, I knew she was the only person for the job, and its a big thing to find the person that you can trust to carry out a major surgery. I came with a list of questions, but never needed them as every detail is covered perfectly. The preparation was smooth, the hospital amazing and the staff were kind and attentive. My anaesthetist was kind and caring andcame to see me every day I was in, as did Mrs Kat.  I hever felt under pressure to leave the hospital until ready. I wish I had felt like eating as the meals looked wonderful, I especially loved the waiters with bowties, that really cheered me up. The operation was painful, but the pain was managed well and everyday felt a little better 'till after two weeks I was feeling great. The physios were brilliant.  Healing was a breeze, no problems and from day one it all looked so neat. I was amazed. Every visitor wanted a peek, and were amazed at the neatness and phenomenal results. Before the operation, after carrying 5 pregnancies, I had no confidence, hated clothes shopping, dreaded summer! I was sad about my body and longed for my tummy to not look pregnant. Mrs Kat made this happen, I trusted her from the first minute I met her and my trust was well placed. This operation really has changed my life, for the better. I would do it again tomorrow without hesitation. I have been working hard at weekly pilates, I feel great, I have no limitations (and I don't leak when I sneeze or cough!!!). Thank you with all my heart to Mrs Kat and all the team at The Priory.

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