Nora Ephron (of When Harry Met Sally fame) titled a book she once wrote €œI feel bad about my neck€ and that€™s how many of us heading into middle-age feel - we're feeling bad about our hands!

We all know how to look after our face, protect it from the sun and routinely use anti-ageing creams. Yet, our hands always seem to be the poor relation when it comes to our focus on what we want to keep youthful.

As we age, our skin gets thinner & the fat in the back of our hands reduces leaving us with decreased volume & elasticity. This results in crepey  skin which is more prone to sun or age spots. The veins at back of the hands also become more obvious.

So, when you notice your hands are ageing faster than your face, what can you do to help slow it down?

Moisturising regularly with a good quality hand-cream is a must, as is regular use of SPF €“ come rain or shine! Applying a good SPF should be part of your daily beauty regime (don€™t forget to keep topping it up throughout the day).

But that alone won€™t help reverse the ageing process. If you feel you want to take the next step, Kat & Co are experts in Fat Transfer or Fat Grafting to hands.

This common cosmetic surgery procedure adds fat to the back of your hands to give them a more youthful, plumped-up appearance.

As well as hands, Fat Transfer / Fat Grafting can be done on a range of areas. These include the face, breasts, hip dips & calves and rhe procedure can be carried out under Local Anaesthesia or Twilight Anaesthesia at our clinic in Edgbaston, Birmingham.  It takes between 45 minutes to 2 hours with recovery within a week.

Take a look at our Instagram page to see a patient have Fat Transfer / Fat Grafting to their hands at our clinic in Birmingham.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements on 0121 456 7930.

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