Introducing the iTero Intraoral Scanner: Transforming Dentistry at Edgbaston Smile Clinic

At Edgbaston Smile Clinic, we're proud to stay at the forefront of innovation by introducing the iTero Intraoral Scanner—a cutting-edge tool that is set to revolutionise the way we approach dental care. With our new Resident Dentist, Dr Noor Aziz, being a specialist in this technology, she will be offering this as basic practice in all her consultations and treatments.

What is an iTero Intraoral scanner? 

The Itero Intraoral Scanner sets a new standard for precision and efficiency in dental imaging. By capturing highly detailed 3D digital impressions of the oral cavity, the Itero scanner eliminates the need for messy traditional impression materials, providing a more comfortable and streamlined experience for our patients. With its advanced imaging technology, the iTero scanner ensures unmatched accuracy in the fabrication of dental restorations, orthodontic appliances, and prosthetics, leading to superior treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction.

The Benefits:

At Edgbaston Smile Clinic, patient comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities. With the Itero Intraoral Scanner, we're able to offer a more pleasant and convenient experience for our patients. The non-invasive scanning process is quick and painless, allowing for a more comfortable and stress-free visit to the dentist. Patients can also benefit from real-time visualisation of intraoral images, enabling them to better understand their oral health and treatment options.

This Itero Intraoral Scanner empowers our dental team with comprehensive tools for treatment planning and analysis. From orthodontic assessments and smile design to restorative dentistry and implant planning, the scanner's advanced software allows for precise measurements, virtual simulations, and digital modelling of treatment outcomes. This enables us to tailor treatment plans to each patient's unique needs and preferences with unparalleled accuracy and precision.

In addition to its clinical benefits, the Itero Intraoral Scanner offers significant efficiency and time-saving advantages for both our practice and our patients. Digital impressions can be captured quickly and easily, reducing chair time and minimising the need for repeat appointments.

The introduction of the Itero Intraoral Scanner marks a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering exceptional dental care at Edgbaston Smile Clinic. We're thrilled to embark on this journey of innovation and excellence, and we look forward to sharing the remarkable benefits of the iTero scanner with our valued patients.

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