We're hosting this special Facebook Live event with our expert Gynaecologist Poonam Pradhan to talk about all things intimate!

We see so many women about a range of intimate female issues and the common link we find is that women are sometimes so embarrassed about the issues they have, whether it's loss of libido, urinary incontinence or the menopause they don't want to seek help.

At Kat & Co we want to ensure that women feel confident to talk about any issues they have and know that our clinic is a safe space to seek advice and treatment.

On Thursday 28th November at 6.30pm our Gynaecologist Poonam Pradhan wants to open her clinic to you all so you can speak directly to her and she can answer any questions you have. Here she is talking about the event below....

She'll also be talking about the special treatments we have at Kat & Co that can effectively help you as well as offering expert advice on any issues you have.

Follow us on Facebook @katandcoaesthetics and inbox us your questions to make sure they're answered on the night. No subject is off limits, whether you have vaginal dryness, lack of libido, think you may be going through the menopause, suffer from any level of incontinence or are just curious to find out that you're not alone with the intimate problems you have - join us Thursday to talk through it all! We look forward to you all tuning in!!

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