Extract from a patient's blog and testimonial

"My life story -

I really don��t know where to begin. It��s difficult to express in words the change I have felt and feel in myself and my self esteem and confidence. When we see our faces in the mirror every day, we don��t see in full the changes that are slowly occurring over time, it��s not until we compare to past photos that the real changes become apparent.

My first journey began with a lock and glue Abdominoplasty, after having my children, I had loose skin hanging down that no amount of dieting or exercise could rectify. After my tummy tuck I had a beautiful flat tummy even better than my pre-pregnant state!

Over the next five years, I had a breast augmentation and am now the proud owner of gorgeous anti drooping boobs that look so much fuller and sexier for that matter! As time went on and I approached my late 40s, my thighs seemed to retain fat, I had a thin waistline and these awful big thighs which seemed to start from my lower back, expanding all around to my dolly knees. I also had what people often call ��love handles��. I decided enough was enough after dieting and exercising every day religiously and went to see Mrs Kat about liposuction which I undertook later that year. My thighs are now beautifully streamlined after having a thigh lift on top to remove any excess skin.

Going onto my face, I could see the hollows deepening around my eyes and fine wrinkles beginning to develop. I had always had ��panda eyes�� from childhood and they now looked worse with age. I decided to go and see if I could have something more permanent done after trying fillers which helped, but didn��t give me the look I really desired. I had a lower blepharoplasty with fat transfer the next year and the results were absolutely astounding! After two years had elapsed and into my early 50��s, I could see my face drooping and jowls slowly beginning to form. This led me to have a mini facelift to help regain that more youthful appearance I was seeking. This is the best decision I have ever made in my life and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

My face looks amazing with a lovely tight jawline and fine lines removed . This procedure has taken over 10 years off my face! As you can see, I have had multiple procedures and the way I feel now I can not find the words to describe. I have the body of a lady in her 20��s, my face looks so much younger and fresher. I am so overwhelmed by my results that every day, when I look in the mirror, I smile and actually love myself. Loving yourself is so important, it��s the biggest step towards good mental health and the feeling of good well being. I have a daughter in her mid 20��s and we��re often asked if we��re twins! Dare I say more?!

Whereas I know cosmetic surgery costs money, but the gain money can��t buy and that��s your confidence and love within yourself for yourself. For me, it��s been worth every penny and downtime! Mrs Kat has transformed my life, in fact to such a beautiful extent where I love life and feel and look better than I ever did.

This lady is amazing, remarkable, talented and exceptional and has the art and gift of returning you back to your youth.

People may say it��s not possible, but with the right plastic surgeon who is skilful and has such precision in her work accompanied by a deep passion in what she does, you just can��t go wrong, you can only get better! I honestly don��t know where I would be right now if I hadn��t gone to Mrs Kat and her team, to say this lady has given me my life back is an understatement!

The whole team is so caring and compassionate in what they do and there is never any force or persuasion, I was actually told each time to go away and take all the time I needed to think about it and as for my mini facelift, I was told to wait a few more years but I was getting so depressed that I requested further consultations. I was a good candidate even though I could have waited a little longer but I wanted to reap the benefits earlier and enjoy life. I had a close family wedding approaching in a few months and was going to meet people I hadn��t seen for years. I have to say the compliments I got totally bowled me over and even if I do say so myself, I did actually look the youngest and most youthful out of all my age group. In fact I blended in with the next generation down! I owe so much to Mrs Kat and her entire team.

Good cosmetic surgery is when people notice you look good without actually knowing you��ve had anything done and that's what Mrs Kat delivers, perfection with no indication of intervention! Mrs Kat, thank you for giving me my life back and making it more beautiful! I feel on top of the world and a million dollars and if anyone personally wants to see me to see my results, I��m happy to meet them. I��m genuine and I exist! I feel beautiful and at my prime in my 50s and it��s all thanks to an amazing, remarkable and exceptional lady by the name of Mrs Kat and all her lovely team.

I have also used the Obagi Nu derm system to rid my skin of melasma, pigmentation and sun spots thanks to Tash. I also had Miradry from this lovely, amazing Clinical Nurse Speciaist, no more sweating! I��ve had amazing Hydrafacials with Kelly and Catherine who have magical hands.

The whole team including Jo and Louise and last but not least Dr Kat who did me some sessions of the V-beam laser have all been amazing. I can never repay you all, no matter what I write here today, no words will ever be enough to express my gratitude and feelings to you all! In summary, Kat & Co is the best and where you want to go. Never place yourself in the hands of anyone but the best as it��s your life that��s at risk, your body, your face, but more importantly, your self esteem and confidence! Thank you all so much Kat & Co. I love you guys so much! My life is now so beautiful!"

Lots of love, Sami

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