Miss Kerstin Oestreich explains the benefits of Labia Fat Transfer

Miss Kerstin Oestreich has a specialist interest in cosmetic gynaecology, and brings her experience to work alongside our women's wellness team. Kerstin has worked as a Consultant Plastic, Aesthetic and Hand Surgeon for over 15 years in some of the most prestigious hospitals in the country.

What is labia majora fat transfer?

Labial fat transfer is the ideal procedure to enhance volume and projection and give the outer labia an improved fullness and appearance.

Especially after the menopause, but also after pregnancies and after weight loss, the labia majora loses volume, elasticity and projection. This can lead to loose and excess skin of the labia majora and the appearance of the labia €˜hanging down€™.

Miss Kerstin Oestreich

Fat transfer, also called fatgrafting or lipostructure, involves harvesting fat from another area of the bodywith liposuction and reinserting the fat into the desired area for increased volume. This can be combined with other vaginal rejuvenation treatments, including labia minora reduction, clitoral hood reduction and skin tightening procedures.

What are the benefits of fat transfer for labia majora enhancement?

Fat transfer is the ideal procedure for a permanent volume enhancement to the labia majora. Other methods, such as fillers hyaloronic acid can become encapsulated, a high volume is needed, and the costs are significant. At the same time, it is uncertain how long the volume will last for. More permanent fillers (non absorbable alloplastic fillers) bear significant complications and are not recommended. Therefore, Fat Transfer stands out as the procedure of choice to bring back lost volume.

Anatomy of the labia majora, including labia minora and perineum

Anatomy of the labia majora, including labia minora and perineum

What should I expect from my consultation?

  • Discussion about your aims and expectations
  • Questions about your general health and medical history
  • Clinical examination
  • Discussion about the most suitable treatment for you

After a thorough consultation, the patient and the surgeon can decide together if a fat transfer to the labia majora is the best treatment, and whether an improved projection can change and affect the pre-existing concerns the patient is presenting with.

Alternative treatments may include labiaplasty or clitoral hood reduction.

How is labia fat transfer performed?

This procedure is well documented in the field of cosmetic gynaecology and, in summary, includes the following steps:

Distribution of fat lobules after transfer of fat into the labia majora

  1. Liposuction to harvest the fat: This can be taken from the inner thighs, inner knees, abdomen or flanks.
  2. Preparation of the liposuction fluid: The fat is prepared for transfer and separated from the liposuction fluid. This is commonly done with a centrifuge.
  3. Transfer of the fat: A specifically devised cannula is needed to transfer and reinsert the fat into the area of transfer, in this case the labia majora. Via very small skin incisions, the fat is instilled in the labia majora in several layers and in a multidirectional fashion to distribute the fat lobules evenly.

Which anaesthetic is needed?

Labia fat transfer can be performed as a day case procedure under local anaesthetic with sedation (or under Twilight Anaesthetic).

Video demonstration of the Labia Fat Transfer procedure:


Recovery after surgery

After the surgery, the patient only needs a panty liner, and some loose underwear and loose clothing to not compromise the transferred lobules of fat. We advise you to avoid strenuous activities for the first 2 weeks.

Outcomes from labial fat transfer surgery

As with all fat transfers, it is known that not all the transferred fat will survive. It is essential to over-correct the volume of fat transferred to the labia majora by about 30-50 %, because part of the fat will disintegrate and be absorbed by the body as a natural process. This is due to the need for blood supply to the tiny lobules of fat.

The final result, and how much of the fat has survived, will be seen after 3 to 6 months. At times, the procedure may need to be repeated to achieve the amount of volume and the symmetry desired by the patient and the surgeon.

The procedure is generally very well tolerated and has a low complication rate.

The final result is usually successful and patient satisfaction is high with an improved projection and fullness of their labia majora.

To book your consultation with Miss Oestreich, please call the clinic on 0121 456 7930, or email us at enquiry@katandco.healthcare

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