Laser Skin Resurfacing

I have just completed a course of CO2 laser skin resurfacing treatments and can��t thank Dr Kat enough.

After spending too many hours in the sun over the last 20 years and also using sunbeds on a regular basis, I became increasingly conscious of the visible damage to the skin on my face and the ageing effect this had on my overall appearance. Following a consultation with Mrs Kat she suggested that a course of three CO2 laser skin resurfacing treatments would dramatically improve the texture and pigmentation of my skin whilst at the same time improve the appearance of the deep wrinkles around my eyes and mouth.

The treatments themselves are not pain free however the discomfort is not as bad as I expected �� the local anaesthetic cream and dental injections definitely help �� on a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate the pain as 5 or 6 so not too bad and definitely worth it once you see the results!

Immediately following treatment I experienced a burning sensation for a few hours but this soon wears off. I didn��t experience any pain at all over the next few days, just a little ��oozing�� in places and within about 4 days the new skin underneath was visible leaving me looking and feeling much fresher. My skin is now so much smoother and younger looking �� people have already commented how bright I look.

One of the good things with this treatment is that in the months following treatment my skin continues to improve and the result just keeps getting better. Also, I have been using the Environ range of products for nearly a year now to promote and maintain the quality of my skin �� they are brilliant and are now an integral part of my skincare regime.

 My main aims going into this treatment were to improve the general texture of my skin, reduce lines and wrinkles and correct brown marks from sun damage - I am extremely pleased with the results and would recommend this treatment and Dr Kat to anyone.

Thank you Dr Kat, I feel amazing - I am determined to protect and maintain the appearance of my new skin.


K.W. Walsall

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