Let's Talk Acne with Dr Sonia

Dr Sonia is Kat & Co€™s Aesthetic Doctor and Laser Specialist who has a Post Graduate Diploma in Aesthetic and General dermatology. She is passionate about skincare and is our go-to person for complex skin conditions.

This month we asked Dr Sonia to share her advice on how Roaccutane can help acne.

This is what Dr Sonia has to say - 

When you€™ve tried it all and your acne is still not budging. You might find yourself wondering, could Roaccutane (Isotretinoin) be the answer? What do you need to know to make this informed choice? 

Here€™s your guide to everything you need to know about taking Roaccutane. Might be less terrifying than you think! 

What is it? 

Roaccutane is a derivative of Vitamin A that patients take orally daily. It attacks acne on all fronts by addressing oil production, acne-causing bacteria and inflammation. 

  • Reduces sebum production
  • Shrinks the sebaceous glands
  • Reduces follicular occlusion
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties.

How does it work? 

What about the side effects? 

Common side effects include (but are not always limited to):

  • Dry lips, cheilitis (sore, cracked or scaly lips)
  • Dry skin, fragile skin (itchy, red patches of skin). 
  • Your acne can also flare up before it gets better 
  • Dry, watery or irritable eyes (especially in contact lens wearers),
  • Some people might experience some other non-threatening side effects like joint aches, increased sensitivity to sunlight, potential elevation in cholesterol levels and liver enzymes
  • Dry nostrils, epistaxis (nose bleeds)
  • You cannot give blood while on this medication and for 5 weeks after 

What about mental health concerns? 

The discussion is still controversial and despite numerous case reports linking Roaccutane to depression, suicidal ideation and suicide, there is, as yet, no clear proof of an association. This is assessed by your doctor as well as a thorough mental health history.

Contraception in females considering Roaccutane 

Isotretinoin must not be taken in pregnancy because of a very high risk of serious congenital abnormalities in the baby. 

All sexually active female patients of childbearing age should use two forms of contraception during treatment with isotretinoin and for five weeks after the medication has been discontinued. 

What should you expect to happen? 

  • Your skin might get worse before it gets better
  • Regular blood tests
  • As a female, you absolutely should not get pregnant while being treated. You will be required to take monthly pregnancy tests and will need to be on birth control due to risk of birth defects. 

Acne can also cause significant psychological distress. Acne sufferers can experience low self-esteem and it can cause extreme stress and anxiety. This treatment offers hope for a cure for acne - your clinician will always monitor you closely to make sure you are safe. 

If you suffer from acne or any type of dermatology issue, book a consultation to see Dr Sonia by calling 0121 456 7930 or emailing enquiry@cckat.com

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