Mastopexy and Implant removal success!

"My self esteem was pretty low before my surgery and i was tired of my heavy bust. I looked matronly and my shoulders had these awful indentations.

I have always been big in the bust area but i stupidly got implants in the hope of filling out my bust as i got older gravity began its misery inducing assault on my body.

I should have just had an uplift from the beginning but you live and learn. I hated the implants and dreamed of wearing little sun tops and strapeless dresses. Pretty bras with thin straps.

I was in my early teens, the last time i could do that and i never thought that would change.

Well long story short, I had a consultation with Mrs Kat at CC Kat Aesthetics. I was strangely nervous, but its very holistic and calming place for a consult and the staff were really lovely.

My assigned nurse Natasha was very sweet and lovely and Mrs Kat was amazing. I went feeling apprehensive and ileft feeling excited. I suddenly couldnt wait to get the surgery and when an available appointment came up at short notice i jumped at the chance.

I think deeply about my decisions but once i make up my mind i like to get on with things, so that worked brilliant for me as i had surgery two weeks after consultation.

There was alot to organise, as i am not at all local to the hospital, but the staff were brilliant and accomodated everything quickly and professionaly so all went without a hitch.

On the day of surgery, again i have no negatives to report. Everything went smoothly and i was calmer than i imagined in some part because my nature is calm when i decide upon something but also found that my surgeon generated an atmosphere of calm confidence and i therefore was able to have every confidence in her ability.

I recovered really quickly after surgery and received greatcare from start to finish. I had my implants removed which were intact and i also had the capsules removed and the uplift all at the same time.�I am glad now that i got everything done at once. I thought about staging it after reading some of the reviews on realself but after my consultation i had a gut feeling of confidence in my surgeons capabilities.

My recovery was quite uneventful, i thought it would be difficult, but again it was hitch free.

I was on a real high by the time my first check up was due and did find it difficult to slow down as i felt ready to do things a bit to soon which is not at all wise. I feel really blessed to have found such an amazing surgeon, who is supported by a great team andblessed to have had such a positive experience from start to finish".

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