We were frustrated to hear that mesh implants, designed to help women with incontinence have resurfaced in the news recently with stories from patients describing how they had such a negative effect on their lives that they want the procedure banned.

There have been hundreds of stories from women who said that having a surgical mesh has ruined their lives with some admitting that at their lowest points they even considered suicide. Harsh facts and something we feel strongly about at Kat & Co because we always aim to give our patients every solution possible for any issues they encounter.

We are fully aware of the problems surrounding these implants and the government confirmed a ��pause�� on them in July 2018 as well as stricter guidelines on the use of vaginally inserted surgical mesh for stress urinary incontinence. The ban has since been lifted and the NHS website now says mesh is an ��effective form of treatment (for incontinence) which can be far less invasive than alternative surgical procedures.�� (3)

Even if you��ve never heard of these controversial implants you only have to Google the term ��Mesh implant�� to see there��s a problem, with the results returning a list of websites with headlines such as Mesh Implant Claim Specialists, offering their services for people who need legal advice after encountering problems with them. It doesn��t fill you with confidence but then, neither do the stories from patients claiming that their lives were catastrophically affected from these implants, losing their sex lives, suffering daily pain with some losing their jobs, homes and partners  and that��s without those who have suffered allergic reactions to the plastic. We��ve added a link to recent stories about how the mesh changed women��s lives. (1 & 2)

Our Gynaecologist Poonam Pradhan has a firm message on this subject.

��My view is very simple. With all the ongoing controversy about MESH we, the medical professional MUST be informing women of the choices available for non-invasive treatments to help manage their stress incontinence.

��For years now, women have been given limited options to help this issue with the main themes of using pads, pursuing physiotherapy or going down the surgical route of meshs, or the sad alternative of just suffering in silence with it.

��As a gynaecologist and a woman, this frustrates me because we are living in a world of medical innovation and yes, whilst innovative treatments can come with a price tag �� they are still a viable option for people suffering day in day out with incontinence.

��Kat & Co are leaders in offering patients the very best in innovative treatments and this is particularly relevant with their non-invasive BTL Emsella chair which provides non-invasive treatments for urinary incontinence.

��They invested in the Emsella chair in 2019 because they understood the impact something like this would have on women��s lives and also the need to inform women that there is a strong alternative out there.

��The Emsella chair is a new innovative non-invasive solution for urinary incontinence.  You literally sit on it (fully clothed!) and it works your pelvic floor muscles thousands of times in a 30-minute session, quickly helping to improve your incontinence.

��I��ve treated women who have been incontinent for 20 years, wearing thick uncomfortable pads every day and after a course of 6 sessions have been pad free!� Whilst this is just the beginning of their journey to managing their ongoing incontinence, I feel it��s an amazing starting point and have had patients tell me it��s been life-changing for them �� which, of course, is our ultimate goal.

��We always want to offer our patients every option for their symptoms and feel that treatments like Emsella needs to be much more widely known, discussed more and promoted as a strong, effective option, specifically when faced with alternatives such as mesh implants.��

To help support women with this issue we are offering complimentary consultations with Dr Poonam Pradhan for the Emsella chair treatment. If you have any type of urinary incontinence and would like to know more about BTL Emsella chair please call the team on 0121 456 7930, drop us an email to or visit our website www.

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