Midland��s first - Breast Enlargement using patient��s own fat

The practice of using a patient��s own fat, harvested from any available body areas, and injecting it into the breasts for breast enlargement  has been an area of some controversy in the past year but the general consensus, after examining all the available clinical data, is that the procedure is safe. As the procedure is relatively new, it should be performed by surgeons who are well versed in the technique and ideally carried out within a strict selection and treatment protocol.

I��ve been performing fat injection for the past eight years mainly into the face for facial rejuvenation and into the breast as part of a breast reconstruction procedure. The idea of using this technique for cosmetic enhancement of the breast has been very exciting and when the green light was given by the industry that it was safe, I immediately booked myself onto a workshop in Berlin in October. I started looking for an appropriate patient that fitted the criteria to be my first and in November found an ideal candidate and carried out the procedure. I have seen the patient for her first follow-up appointment at one week and she is delighted with her larger breasts and flatter tummy and hips.

It is important for potential patients to realise that this is not a replacement for breast enlargement using silicone implants, which is still the best procedure for breast enlargement to achieve that two or more cup size increase.It is strictly for patients who do not want an implant and content to accept an increase in size of half to one cup size. You must have the available fat deposits of course!

However for it to be successful, it needs to be performed on appropriate patients by experienced surgeons. CC Kat Aesthetics intend to be at the forefront of this.

For further information please contact us on 0845 3731818 or email enquiry@cckat.com.

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