"I have struggled every day and night to cope with hyperhidrosis�and odour all my teenage and adult life. In my younger days I bought very strong antiperspirants which made my underarms very sore. I was aloso prescribed special cream from vascular consultants, which also made my skin very sore. I had to choose certain fabrics to wear.

I also had Botox injections privately, which were very costly and had to be repeated every 6 months. In my case, the sweaty odour returned before the 6 months was up. I then heard about Miradry from Mrs Kat. This treatments changed my life. Personally this has been, for me, a miracle. I no longer worry about odour and sweating. I no longer hanve to worry about antiperspirants. I can wear the clothes�I want to wear.

In my experience it took about 3 weeks for swelling and numbness to settle, but throughout I was dry and odour free. I wish this treatment was available when I was much younger. I no longer have to use antiperspirants. I find this a miracle. Yes I can and I will recommend the Miradry treatment to everyone with hyperhidrosis. I now feel confident because I am not worried about my sweating and odour problem. I no longer have to holdmy arms close to my body so no one can see the wet patches under my arms. Thank you Natasha and Kelly".

BW, Birmingham

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