Miradry - permanent underarm sweat reduction

1 in 5 adults (ages 18 - 49) are bothered by underarm sweat.

For people with excessive underarm sweating, their sweat glands :

  • are overactive
  • frequently turn on when they should be at rest
  • produce much more sweat than is needed to cool the body

Miradry is the first and only FDA-cleared microwave energy procedure for permanent underarm sweat reduction. It acts by selectively targeting the sweats glands and destroys them through heat whilst leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed.

It was introduced to the USA in 2012 and over 20 000 patients have been treated. The results show more than 90% patient satisfaction after 2 treatments (3 months apart). The treatment is non invasive, has minimal downtime and has the secondary effect of reducing underarm hair and odour reduction.

CC Kat Aesthetics will be introducing this treatment in April.

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