Natasha gets rid of the dark circles under her eyes

Dark circles under the eyes is a common problem. It makes a person look tired and drawn. The factors that contribute to this is often a combination of the following :

  1. Loss of volume under the eye giving a hollow appearance. This is often called the 'tear trough'
  2. Laxity of lower eyelid skin
  3. Escessive skin pigmentation

Since starting to use the Radiesse filler 1 year ago, I have been very impressed with it's volumising effect compared to the other fillers. The other main advantages are the fact that it lasts up to 18 months and works as a collagen stimulant.I have found it to be particularly effective in correcting the tear trough. By filling the hollow defect in the lower eyelid, it also pumps up the skin. The skin looks tighter with less wrinkles and the pigmentation appears lighter as the skin is stretched out.Natasha, my wonderful clinical nurse specialist started to develop severe dark circles under her eyes after starting to work inhumanely long hours with me for the past 3 years. These are her pictures before and 24 hours after 1 syringe of Radiesse filler under each eye.To complete the correction, Natasha will now have a course of the Obagi Blue Peel in her lower eyelids and surrounding areas to further reduce the pigmentation. Will post more photos after this.Mrs �CC Kat is a leading Midlands Consultant Plastic Surgeon specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. She is a full member of both BAAPS and BAPRAS as well as several international aesthetic surgery associations. She worked as a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust but now runs her private practice, CC Kat Aesthetics �� Birmingham Laser, Skin and Cosmetic Clinic, full time. For more information, visit��or call 0121 456 7930.

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