New Year New Start!

Dear Mrs Kat

I am writing this as I am looking at my photographs five days after the op. I am so very happy you have certainly turned my life around.

I now have my self confidence and self esteem back and feel incredible.

On our first consultation you advised me on my problems with the thyroid and lymphatic system and my weight. I spoke to my GP and after blood tests increased medication and went ona high protein diet.

I stopped drinking alcohol (this had become a way of coping) increasing exercise with goal in mind and with the right advice to follow, my health and strength improved massively. Immediatley after the operation I was pain free and had no discomfort. I had been living with a tightness to my chest and felt like i was carrying rocks around. I did not take pain killers during or after the op. Also on your advice i took arnica and had absolutley no bruising. Washing in the Hibi scrub before and after. Now nearly twenty days on the scars are barely noticeable and positioned perfectly in the crease. My right nipple seems to have changed shape and with corrective tattooing will look "normal" the size of implant is perfect for my body shape.

Having had several cosmetic procedures in the past both here in the UK and Miami FL I can quite honestly say your approach as a surgeon both professionally and emphatically towards your patients is excellent, first class and simply i am lost for words with what you have done for me.

My family are benefiting from the new zealous me.

Happy New Year Mrs Kat.

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