One stitch facelift - post operative instructions

Post op Instructions for One Stitch Facelift



�� The local anaesthetic will wear off in approximately one hour after the procedure. 

�� Paracetamol can be taken as the local anaesthetic has wears off. Please avoid Asprin, Ibruprofen or Neurofen.

�� Sleep with the head slightly elevated on a few pillows for the first week and avoid bending with the head down.



�� Usually about a week after the surgery when the wound is checked.

�� If non-dissolvable sutures have been used then they will normally be removed after about a week.



�� No restrictions but avoid strenuous activities for the first week


Wound Care

�� The wound can be very gently washed and then gently pat dry.

�� Apply Fucidin ointment to the wound until it has healed



If you experience any problems or have any queries following your surgery please call the clinic on 0845 3731818 (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm), or call Natasha on 07595278223 out of hours, or alternatively call BMI Priory hospital on 0121 4402323 who can put you in contact with Mrs Kat.



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