• What does the Hydrafacial do?

Hydrafacial is a wet microdermabrasion that uses glycolic and salicylic acid based ingredients to gently exfoliate your skin,�to allow a thorough extraction. Anti-ageing peptides and antioxidants are�used to restore and rejuvenate your skin tone and texture. Furthermore, this facial will be tailored to your needs.

  • How does it do that?

This high power microdermabrasion system uses fusion vortex suction control to deeply cleanse and extract debris and blocked pores.

  • How long is the treatment procedure?

The standard hydrafacial is 60 minutes, the deluxe hydrafacial is 75 minutes long.

  • What is the difference between the standard hydrafacial to the deluxe?

The deluxe hydrafacial makes this treatment our signature facial. An alginate masque is used to soothe, cool and hydrate your skin after the extraction. The skin can feel warm, taught and flushed in appearance so the the masque is replenishing and cooling after the peel. A shoulder, neck and scalp massage is then performed. The luxury of the deluxe facial enables the patient to truly relax at the same time in receiving an intensive results driven facial.�

  • What does the hydrafacial feel like on your skin?

Quite simply, this facial feels like a vacuum cleaning the skin. The serum that is enforced on to the skin allows a smooth glide to be comfortable for the patient to tollerate a higher setting. The vaccum control is adjusted for skin types, patients tollerability and skin concerns.

  • Is there any down time?

There is no real down time with this facial. If patients are touch sensitive, erythema is present after experiencing a hydrafacial. Flushing/redness on the skin shows the stimulation of blood flow. This will subside within 1 hour post treatment.

  • What will it cost?

Standard hydrafacial-�90.00, Deluxe Hydrafacial -�110, Dermabuild Deluxe- �130

  • What is the recommended frequency?

The recommended frequency of the facial is typically once a month, however if their is a typical concern you are wanting to combat, there are 6 week protocols that we recommend. This is will be discussed with your skin therapist.

  • Is a single treatment beneficial?

A single treatment of hydrafacial is beneficial, if you have a specific event or evening out where in which you want to have a glow to your skin. For reduced lines, pigmentation problems or acne/oily skin a recommended weekly facial would be advised.

Hydrafacial is designed as a wet microdermabrasion to help improve skin tone and texture whilst leaving your skin squeeky clean.

The 6 step facial includes, detox, deep cleanse, peel, extraction, hydration and LED lights. Hydrafacial simultanesouly provides a tailor made�facial for all skin types. Within your appointment, your skin therapist will design a programme, where in which we will primarily target your concerns.

THROUGH OUT SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER, we are offering x3 Deluxe Hydrafacials for �250 (usually �330)

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