Teenage cosmetic surgery? - a big yes from me

There has been a splurge of publicity recently about the rights and wrongs of teenage cosmetic surgery. The popularity of cosmetic surgery in teens is increasing. Parents are more accepting and more supportive of their children considering cosmetic surgery as they realise the importance of self-image and self-confidence in teens. 

Teenage years are the golden years of our lifes when we are free to enjoy it as best as we can before the restraints of adulthood and the inevitable responsibilities that comes with it. We will only pass through this precious period once.

It is also a sensitive period. Imagine wasting these precious years in a cocoon because of self consciousness about a mole, a big nose, sticking out ears, flat chest, heavy large chests etc.

If after assessment, I feel that a teenager is mature enough to understand the implications of surgery, its potential risks and has realistic expectations, I am very happy to proceed. I do insist on meeting the parent/parents to know they are supportive of the decision and will be there to see the patient though the recovery.

The testimonial below is from one of our younger patients who had a rhinoplasty

"Before I had my operation, I felt unconfident and unattractive.  I felt I could not be myself around people. I constantly avoided people viewing me sideways due to the enlarged bridge of my nose. What disheartened me the most was the fact that I was sixteen and I had been told many times over that I was maybe too young for the operation and that I should wait until I was at least eighteen.

When I first met Mrs Kat I knew instantlyby herknowledge of nose reshaping that she was the plastic surgeon to reshape my nose. Since Mrs Kat performed my operation, words cannot truly describe my happiness and delight through the work she had produced for me. My nose nose is everything I imagined it to be and more. I would like to thank Mrs Kat for her support and most important her talent." J.C., Erdington

Teenage cosmetic surgery? When done for the rights reasons and after adequate assessment and counselling of both the teenager and the parents - a definite yes from me.

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