Upper Blepharoplasty Procedure at Kat & Co vs Another Private Hospital: Patient Testimonial

One of our patients recently shared her contrasting experiences of an Upper Blepharoplasty procedure, between another private hospital and the care she received with us at Kat & Co.

At Kat & Co, it's our mission to ensure that every patient departs not just satisfied, but utterly delighted with both their outcomes, and the exceptional service they've experienced. Our aim is to distinguish ourselves from other private clinics by consistently delivering the pinnacle of excellence in care and results. The disparity in her experiences highlights the superior quality of care provided at our clinic compared to that of private hospitals. Let's delve into the reasons why…

This is her testimonial.

Private Hospital Experience:

  • A consultation which lasted 10 minutes.
  • Booked the procedure for 3 weeks later.
  • No pre-op instructions were issued, nor pre-op care.
  • Arrived for the procedure at 9:15am, as arranged, was called at 9:25am and told to lie on the couch- Then asked to fill out paperwork with the consultant, agreeing to go ahead with the procedure. 
  • 50 minutes later the Upper Blepharoplasty procedure was over.
  • Consultant then administered ointment into my eyes, and advised that sight would be impaired for approximately 5 hours. 
  • I was told to go home after having my blood pressure taken.
  • No post-op instructions- just eye drops and ointment issued.
  • Wounds were exposed and no strips were applied to cover sutures.
  • Went back a week later to have sutures removed. Advised the consultant of my worries about the results and voiced concerns about puckering in the skin and excess skin/fat still being present. 
  • Consultant advised he was happy with the results and made jokes surrounding my concerns. 3 months later the consultant's response was the same. 
  • A second consultant (impartial to the procedure) advised there were pads of fat and excess skin left and hard tissue due to poor stitching. 

Kat & Co Experience:

  • Booked an appointment to see Mrs Kat, consultation lasted 50 minutes and was thorough. Mrs Kat advised that she was happy to undergo a  second consultation if needed. 
  • After the consultation Mrs Kat’s team sat me down, and explained everything regarding finances, and what I could expect surrounding the procedure.
  • Booked the procedure and received the following; Admission letter, Pre-assessment letter, surgery agreement letter, Information letter covering all aspects of the procedure, New consult letter, Fee confirmation form, Email of nurses tips for the procedure and a prescription for all medication to be taken.
  • Received a pre-op telephone call (2 weeks prior to surgery), including instructions of what to do before the procedure and on the day of. 

Kat & Co- Day of Procedure:

  • I checked into the clinic, after I was taken to a recovery room where relaxing spa music played on low volume.
  • The nurse came and took my blood pressure and asked me to change into a gown and robe ready for the Upper Blepharoplasty procedure.
  • Mrs Kat came to check everything was ok and to confirm what was discussed in the consultation.
  • After a short while, I was taken to the theatre. Everyone was so friendly, and Mrs Kat confirmed again what she would be doing. 
  • Steri-tapes were applied to my eyes to keep stitching in place and to protect the wounds. 
  • After the procedure was complete, I was then taken back to recovery. I was asked to sit and relax for a while to make sure everything was ok. 
  • Again, I was visited by Mrs Kat to talk me through the procedure- I was given post operative instructions and an emergency number if I needed any further assistance.
  • Everything went as expected.
  • I went back to the clinic 5 days later to have stitches removed. Mrs Kat came to assess the wound, and explained how long it would take to settle. 
  • I was given a complimentary Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage to help with the recovery, which was extremely relaxing. 
  • Initially there was a lot of bruising the day after the procedure (which is to be expected), but it faded quickly and I was in no pain at all. I only had to take 2 paracetamol the night of the procedure. 
  • 3 months later I had my review with Mrs Kat where she advised she was happy with the results- And guess what? So am I!
(This is not the patient from the testimonial. This is a previous patients results).

Encounters like these truly reward the work that we do. We recognize that embarking on cosmetic surgery entails a significant level of trust from our patients. Our utmost priority is to guarantee that you are placed in the most capable hands throughout your journey with us.

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