VASER post-operative instructions


If you experience excessive pain or bleeding, fullness or redness in treatment areas, heavy tongue and

metallic taste, ringing in the ears, or fever - please call us immediately!


Driving: A family member or friend 18 years or older must drive you home from your surgery (it is best

to have them stay and assist you the first 24 to 48 hours). Please do not drive yourself for at least 2 days

after general anesthesia or intravenous sedation, or while taking prescription pain medication.


Compression Garments: Your physician may have put a special elastic-type garment on you at the end of

your surgery to provide comfort and support while helping your skin conform to your new body contour.

If your surgical garments were placed on you inside out, please continue to wear them that way to assure

no irritation from the seams. The day following your surgery, you may remove the garment once a day

for laundering, sponge bathing and bandage changing. It is normal to experience lightheadedness when

rising or removing and changing your compression garments. Please have someone help you with this for

the first few days after surgery. Continue wearing the surgical garment 24 hours a day (with exception

above) for the first 3 to 7 days and as directed by your doctor for the second week, followed by 12 hours

daily for 2 weeks or as instructed by your doctor. Neck patients must wear chin garments for 3 to 4 full

days with no removal, followed by 4 to 7 days as often as possible.


Bathing or Showering: You may take a shower 24 hours after your surgery, but baths should be avoided

for 72 hours. Whirl Pools and hot tubs are permitted only after your incision sites have closed, usually

at least one week after surgery. Soaking in warm baths of tap water and doing self-massage is also very



Treatment Sites: Please keep your dressings as clean and dry as possible, changingdaily to help prevent

infection but not removing them unless we instruct you to do so. Do not apply heat or ice to the surgical

areas. You should expect some drainage (oozing) of blood-tinged anesthetic solution at the incision site(s)

due to fluids injected during your procedure. Although the fluid may appear red, it is mostly anesthetic

solution and saline and only about 1% blood. In general, the more drainage there is, the less bruising and

swelling there will be. Many patients have found it helpful to use a shower curtain or other protective

covering on their mattress for the first few days after their VASER Lipo procedure. Cover your incision(s)

only if your garments are rubbing on them. Itching, pulling, pinching, hardness, tightness and/or numbness

sensations are also normal. All of these usually subside within 24 hours to 1 week after your surgery, but

sometimes can last for months. This is a part of the healing process and your patience is appreciated.


Activity: Rest for the first 12 hours. Take it easy the first week, resuming normal activity as tolerated.

Experiencing more than mild swelling or discomfort may indicate that you are over-doing it. Avoid strenuous

activities, lifting over 10 lbs., or aerobic exercise for 2 to 3 weeks. Protect incisions and any bruised areas

from the sun until completely healed, and use SPF 30 or greater for 6 months. Avoid tanning until bruising

has faded, which normally takes 10 to 14 days. Therapeutic massage is very helpful to speed the healing

process and may be done beginning 2 weeks after surgery, as often as every other day and as hard as you

can tolerate. The chin is the only area you should not massage.


Diet: If you experience any post-operative nausea, try carbonated sodas and dry crackers to help settle

your stomach. Nausea may likely be caused by your post-operative medications, and we advise that you

take them with food whenever possible. If your stomach feels normal, start slowly with liquids and bland

foods, progressing to soups or gelatin, finally resuming a regular diet. Low sodium, bland foods may

reduce any swelling, while high sodium foods may cause increased swelling post-operatively. Please drink

plenty of clear fluids.


Alcohol: Prior to your surgery, we discussed how alcohol dilates your blood vessels, which could increase

post-operative bleeding. As alcohol combined with medication can be dangerous, it is especially important

that you do not consume alcohol as long as you are taking over-the-counter or prescription pain medication

following your surgery.


Smoking: We continue to stress the importance of not smoking. Smoking reduces capillary flow in your

skin and can slow down healing time. Do not smoke at all during the first 14 days after surgery.


Expectations: Remember, the goal of fat removal is not weight loss, but improved contour.

Since the body retains fluids in response to surgery, you may notice some swelling and a temporary weight gain for the

first week or so following your surgery. In addition, please remember that for the majority of patients the

goal is significant improvement, not perfection. Lower abdominal patients may experience significant

swelling in the pubic area. Bruising is minimal with VASER Lipo, but the more extensive the surgery, the more bruising one can

normally expect. Post-operative discomfort usually takes the form of deep muscle soreness and normally

improves over the following 2 to 7 days. Slight temperature elevation and flushing of the face, neck and

upper chest could last 48 hours. You may initially experience a mild depression that should begin lifting

after the first week, once you see the bruising and swelling fade. Menstrual irregularities (premature or

delayed monthly onset) are a common side effect to surgery. Ifareas on the thighs were treated, you may

have swelling in your calves and ankles for up to 3 weeks.


Post-Operative Medications: Pain killers and antibiotics have been prescribed. Please take as directed by your physician. If you are unable to take any of the medications for any reason, please contact our office so we can arrange for alternative medications.


Post-Operative Appointments: For your maximum healing and optimal long-term results, it is very

important that you follow the schedule of appointments we establish after surgery.

Your first post-op appointment will be 1 week post surgery.

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