What follows my consultation with Mrs Kat?

You will have a meeting with a Clinical Nurse Specialist or Cosmetic Nurse Advisor to go through the surgery and discuss practical matters such as choosing implant sizes and costs. At the end of the session, you will be given:

  1. Information leaflets pertaining to the treatment
  2. Pre- and post-operative care information
  3. Informed Consent Form which details the possible risks and complications and terms and conditions of treatment.
  4. Provisional cost

Mrs Kat will also be writing to you with a summary of the consultation and details regarding the surgery.

Should you decide to proceed with surgery, you will need to ring the team secretary at CC Kat Aesthetics on 0121 456 7930 to identify a suitable date. A holding deposit of �250 is required to secure the chosen operating date. This deposit is non-refundable in the event of cancellation or postponement.

A Surgery Agreement form will be sent out to you by Mrs Kat's secretary. This form documents the terms and conditions of the surgery and your acceptance and also confirms that you have read and understood the consultation letter, the information leaflets and the Informed Consent Form.

In order to confirm the surgery arrangements, you will need to return the following within 7 days:

  1. Signed Surgery Agreement
  2. Signed and initialled Informed Consent Form
  3. Payment of deposit balance as indicated in the Surgery Agreement

Failure to do this will risk you losing the slot for your surgery.

If your surgery is at the hospital, the hospital will send you a separate information pack closer to the surgery date along with a pre-assessment appointment, if needed. The hospital will also collect the remaining fees at least one week prior to surgery.

Your admission time for surgery is only confirmed 24 hours prior to surgery date. Please ring us on 0121 456 7930 the day before surgery to find out your surgery time and fasting instructions. (Disregard the admission time given by the hospital in their information pack as it is not specific to you.)


Post Surgery

On the day of discharge from hospital/clinic, you will be given an appointment for a change of dressings at the hospital/clinic (usually 1 week post surgery).

At the dressings appointment, you will be given a folder containing details of your 3-month follow up appointment with Mrs Kat and pre surgery photographs. Please ring us as soon as possible if this appointment is not convenient.

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