You look so well...

I had a mini face lift in April this year.  I can't tell you how pleased I am with the results.  I have lost count of the people who have told me "how well you look". 

I was recommended to use Mrs Kat by a work colleague who had had a tummy tuck.

In my consultation with Mrs Kat we discussed the best option for me.  I am 49 and have lost, and kept off, 4 stone for the last two years.  I think because of my age this effected my face most of all.  I had loose skin under my chin and premature jowls!  It was agreed that I was not a candidate for the one stitch face lift or the full face lift (things haven't got that bad) but a mini facelift under local anaesthetic.  The procedure was given to me in detail and I was told to go and think about it and was encouraged to think and look into more.  I felt so reassured by Mrs Kat that I decided to go ahead at the earliest opportunity.

 I arrived for my appointment and was given pain killers and a tablet to relax my nerves a little.  I was then given a gown and broughtinto the operating theatre.  I would recommend wearing a fresh, clean vest for modesty.

 In all honesty I don't think the operation done under local anaesthetic is for the faint hearted.  The five injections on each side of the face are quite painful though you don't feel it too much after the first two on each side.  Mrs Kat reassured me throughout the operation that everything was going well.  After the injections had worked Mrs Kat began her work and I didn't feel a thing other than tugging.  I was a bit alarmed at how much the muscles were pulled back into position and it felt, at the time, too tight, but Mrs Kat reassured me it was necessary to get the result and she was perfectly right.  

 After the operation my head was dressed with a bandage that goes around the chin and over the head.  My face was so swollen I was hardly recognizable but THIS IS NORMAL.  For the next few days I rested at home whilst the bruising and swelling came out.  I was given a regime and cream which I followed to my advantage.  I was lucky that I had two weeks off from work and utilised this to recover.  I must admit I didn't bruise as much as I thought though I wouldn't recommend going out for a few days.  It was also a little difficult to eat as because of the soreness and swelling, it made chewing difficult so I would recommend eating soft foods. 

 Now to the good bit, day by day, the wounds have healed and the soreness has gone the results are very, very natural.  I was so afraid that it would be too extreme.  It was the best money I have spent in recent years and I get pleasure again from looking in the mirror.  I am me again, not the tired prematurely aged woman that was staring back at me before the procedure.  I think the saying 'No pain, no gain' would sum it up nicely.

 Good Luck and enjoy the results...

A.H Kings Norton


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