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Arm garment (AS Variant)

Compression Garments

When to use AS Variant garment?

  • Recommended to use after arm surgery, arm lifts (brachioplasty), arm liposuction or armpit surgery

Colour version

  • black

Product description

  • Compression post-operative arm sleeve garment with three-quarter sleeves offers adjustable three rows of hooks back fastening. Suitable after arm surgery, arm lifts (brachioplasty) and arm liposuction
  • The closure is located at the back whilst the garment can be adjusted at the front using a silicone band
  • The silicone band ensures that the garment is not visible and you can wear your usual underwear or outerwear without visibility of an ugly ‘line’
  • The garment covers the entire area of upper arms and upper back
  • The sleeves are finished with a delicate lace trim preventing them from chafing or rolling up
  • Compared to AP Variant, the fastening is located in the back and the front of the garment featuring an invisible and adjustable silicone strap


  • Adjustable three rows of hooks and eyes fastenings situated at the back of the garment
  • There is a silicone band at the front for correct size adjustment

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