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Compression Garments:

Post Surgery Compression Garments are essential for several medical cosmetic surgery and reconstructive procedures eg facelift, pinnaplasty, breast enlargement, breast reduction,breast uplift, liposuction, vaser liposuction, arm reduction, abdominoplasty, circumferential lower body lift, thigh reduction etc. The compression helps with removing excess fluids after liposuction, improving lymphatic flow, encouraging skin retraction and reducing bruising and swelling.

The Kat & Co team will advise you of the garment that you need and the size. In most instances, you will be provided with one compression garment as part of your surgical package and you will need to purchase another.
Abdominal Binder 4 Panel (KPlus 4 Panel)
£ 39.00 GBP
Female vest (MT smooth Comfort)
£ 60.00 GBP
£ 10.00 GBP
Female abdomen and thighs (VD Variant)
£ 72.00 GBP
Female Lower Abdomen Thighs and Calves (TBF Variant)
£ 99.00 GBP
Female Full Body and Thighs (MGD Comfort)
£ 112.00 GBP
Male Full Body (MGm Comfort)
£ 81.00 GBP
Female Lower Abdomen and Thighs (TD Variant)
£ 81.00 GBP
Female abdomen (VH Variant)
£ 58.00 GBP
Male abdomen and thighs (VFm Comfort)
£ 72.00 GBP
Male Vest (MTmS Comfort)
£ 49.00 GBP
Female Full Body (MH Special Comfort)
£ 81.00 GBP
Face garment (FM)
£ 31.00 GBP
Abdominal Binder 3 Panel (KPlus 3 Panel)
£ 39.00 GBP
Bra (PI Ideal Variant)
£ 39.90 GBP
Arm garment (AS Variant)
£ 45.00 GBP

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