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Male Vest (MTmS Comfort)

When to use MTmS Comfort compression garment?

  • Recommended to use after gynecomastia (male breast reduction), back liposuction and chest surgeries

Product description

  • Sleeveless post-operative male vest is highly suitable after gynecomastia (male breast reduction), or chest and back surgery
  • Compared to other MTm garments, the MTmS Comfort bandage is 10 cm shorter and does not cover the abdomen area
  • The compression garment is finished with a wide elastic band preventing from chafing or rolling up
  • Shoulder straps with three adjustable rows of hooks and eyes for optimal compression  
  • Zip fastening is placed at the front part of the garment


  • There is a zipper closure at the front underlain with support hooks to facilitate ease of dressing post operatively and beyond
  • Shoulder straps with adjustable three rows of hooks and eyes
  • The vest can be completely opened

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