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Bra (PI Ideal Variant)

Compression Garments

When should I use PI Ideal bra?

  • Ideal for use during the first phase of post-operative care after breast surgery (augmentation, reduction, mammoplasty, breast reconstruction or mastopexy)
  • Great for implants inserted through the breast crease

Product description

  • Post-operative compression bra designed for all types of breast surgeries
  • The bra features a wide rubber and elastane band under the bust and prevents bra from chafing or rolling up in any way. The band is designed to be so soft that it appears to be a continuation of the bra itself and thus does not interfere with scar tissue
  • A higher décolletage covers the entire chest; after augmentation (breast enlargement using implants) it stabilizes the position of implants and helps them clinging to the breast tissue, exactly as the surgeon demands

Design of cups

  • The lower part of cups are shaped with a soft seam extending from around the nipple
  • They are sewn not to irritate the surrounding area in any way


  • Opening at the front in form of hooks and eyes
  • This bra has three fastening positions allowing you to adjust the compression as required
  • Shoulder straps with four rows of hooks and eyes allow variable compression adjustment

Can the bra be combined with a breast band?

  • Yes, it can. LIPOELASTIC offers a variety of breast stabilizer bands that can be combined with PI extra bra
  • The surgeon should always be consulted about purchasing a breast band and the lenght of time wearing it

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